Thursday, September 2, 2010

Running v.s. Food and Drink.......... ACCOUNTABILITY TIME!

  The truth is I eat what ever I want!!!  Unfortunatly I like to eat a lot of things that don't help my run!  Not to mention what I drink.... please let's not go there!  I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  Yesterday it all caught up to me!  I planned a nice 8 miler with a couple of my teamates for the You Go Girl race coming up in less than 4 weeks!  I mapped our route and chose some new territory that I am not familiar with.  I told the girls there wouldn't be too many hills, if any and we went on our way.... It was sooo nice to catch up and chat for the first 3 miles.  I was feeling great!  We came to a campground that I didn't have planned but decided to run a loop through it, it was a little hilly but not too bad.  We took a quick break and I took half a GU, thought I would start trying them out again to see if my stomach felt ok.  About a half a mile later I saw a huge hill coming, I new this was here but I thought it was short and sweet.  It turned a corner and I saw a MOTHER OF A HILL THAT NEVER ENDED!  I stopped and walked, ran, walked, ran, walked, ran......... the girls were way ahead of me and I was feeling pooped.  Once we got to the flat point I told the gals where we were going and that there would be another incline coming up, not a hill, but a LONG GRADUAL CLIMB!  I was not in it anymore, I HAD NO ENERGY! ( Pause, do you always think that food is energy?  I realized that I ate some ravioli the night before, and BEER.)  I walked and ran and walked and ran...... until we reached the top again.  Now the pressure. I am a team Captain for crying out loud!  What kind of an example am I setting here?  I was complaining and laying it all out there for these girls to listen too.  I'm sorry you have to wait for me!  I eat too much!  I drink too MUCH!  I am not ready for this race!  I am tired!  I have no energy!  Yadda Yadda Yadda!  Finally I told them, that is it I am in need of accountability!  So starting today until race day (Sept 26th) I am going to post everything I eat and drink on my blog!  Woops!  Did I say that?  YES I did......
  Back to the run.... we kept going and the next hill I walk ran walk ran walk.... yelling just go ahead ladies I will catch up with you later.  Now my brain is shutting down, I am thinking my foot hurts, my back hurts, I am tired....... I take a little short cut and finish my run at 7 miles.  Walking back to the gym like a sad little puppy with my tail between my legs.   I felt the guilt setting in.  And was TIRED!  POOPED!  Just wanted to go home and go to sleep!  

SO Back to what I ate......

Sept 1.
Breakfast: 2 eggs with cheese and half a pb and jelly toast, coffee with cream
Gatorade G2 mixed with water
Lunch: Half tuna sandwich, only pickle mustard and lettuce and Half a Clif Builder bar
Veinte Black tea with one splenda
Snack: grape nuts, skim milk, raspberries
Dinner: Pork Tenderloin, Baked sweet poatoes diced in EVOO, Corn on Cob, Green salad (Romaine, carrots, cucumber, mushroom, red pepper, celery, a few little gold fish and Cottage cheese for dressing).
Dessert: Chocolate Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich

I was so hungry YESTERDAY!  This was toning it down a bit, does it look like it? I mean sure you don't know what I normally eat, but I did burn 1000 calories on my run, so I think I did pretty good. 

My Goal with all of this is to drop a few lbs before the big race!
Current Weight: 193
I would like to be at 185 on race day! 25 days to go!


  1. I know what you mean about having trouble controlling what you eat. I'm a member at and it's a great website to track your food. There are really supportive people on there and a ton of message boards (there is even a running club that posts). I highly recommend it! The food database is really big and it breaks down everything you eat so you really get a clear picture.

  2. You did it! Bring on the accountability. And, posting your weight, wow, you are serious about this! Good job, great start.

  3. Accountability is good. In honor of that, full disclosure here - today wasn't one of my better eating days. (Think McDonald's for lunch, then a couple of rather large pecan pie squares after work). Tomorrow's a new day, though...

  4. you can do it! I admire your courage...I am scared to write down what I eat!