Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Group Run.... Gone SOLO!

Well..... As the team Captain of the Will Run For Ice Cream Team, for the You GO GIRL Race in Sept. I have been trying to get everyone together for some training runs.  I am not the most organized computerized person, as you might have noticed, I rarely do post, because #1 I can't figure out how to post my pictures.  #2 I have a 1 and a 2 year old. #3 I am too TIRED. #4 I start to write something but my brain won't work. #5 I need to spend time with my husband and not the computer.  I think you get the idea.  But I have been emailing some training runs to my team..... and this past Saturday.... NO ONE SHOWED UP! =(  I had to change the location for my run due to the saftey issues of running alone, so I headed to the Tacoma Waterfront at Ruston.  I wasn't prepared to run alone that morning...... so when I pulled up I noticed a group of 15-20 people with matching shirts on.  I thought to myself, Friends!!! People to RUN WITH!!!!  SO I watched as they were in a tight huddle together.  As I got closer, I notice their shirts had their family name, and it said 2010 5k run/walk.  I yelled out to them...  "I missed the registration for this race!!" and started to follow as they began their family run.  I was feeling pretty good as I started to pick off the family members.  I would cheer for them as I ran by, saying "Your doing Great! Keep It UP!  Good JOB!"  I am not sure if they enjoyed my company, but they got it!!!  And at the end I told them that they inspired me to get my family out there and do the same thing!  SO here is my challenge in the next year to plan a family reunion/ fun run/walk!  I think it is great to share the things you love with others, but most important those you love, FAMILY!!!!!

  Training has been going good so far.... I have got back into my running,  4 days a week, added 2 days of bootcamp, and one day of spinning.  I hope I can start adding one day of weights to the mix, before it is too late!  I did 5 miles today followed by bootcamp and it was TOUGH!!!! I just hate running in the heat!!!  This Saturday we are supposed to be doing 10 mile training run on the Orting Trail!  I sure hope I can pull a 10 miler. IS it safe to run 10 miles?  June 26th I ran 13.1, and since then I had my longest run at 6.77 miles on July 17th.  So will I be ok?????  Please let me know your thoughts, I have been running mostly 3-4 miles at a time. 

  Good Luck to all of you on your runs this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finally...... My Rock n Roll Half Marathon Re-cap!

(First just wanted to say sorry for the delay, I hit the road for vacation the day after my race, this is the first chance to blog since then! )
  June 26th, 2010..... I woke up nice and early 5am... took a nice shower, my hubby made me breakfast, and we hit the road.  I thought I would get to the start line about 1 hour early since my hubby was dropping me off.  What I didn't think was that everyone else was going to be dropped off at that same time as-well.  I was really bummed as I walked about 2 miles to the start line, realizing that I would not get to see Jill or any of the other bloggy runners before the race.  By the time I walked to the start, stood in line for the bathroom, and found my corral, my race started about 2 minutes later!    I was excited, but wishing I knew someone around me in the large crowd to share the excitment with!
  The first 5 miles were great!  Nice and easy, none of the hills bothered me, and I really just was taking it all in!  I was feeling some pretty strong emotions, everytime I saw little girls with their dads along the road, it just made me kind of miss my girls.  I was ok, just pretended these little girls were there to cheer me on too! 
  This first picture is about mile 7-8..... You might be able to tell, I was hitting wall here.  I saw my hubby and became super emotional!  I was so happy to see him that I started to cry, and in turn a little bit of hyper-ventilation, which made me feel like I had asthma, so WEIRD!  His encouraging words were great, and he mention that he saw Jill about 8 minutes before me, and she was doing great!  This information was great because I was hoping to run into her.... I kept running to the tunnel, the whole time thinking I hope I see Jill.... Please let me see Jill.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.  And when I got to the tunnel I stopped and walked backwards for a while, looking and looking and looking.  NO JILL.  =(  I had set my hopes a little too high there.  But I got out of the lonely tunnel and started running again.  Re-gained my motivation and strength, only to find who?  My great friends Andrea, Beccy, and Megan!!!  Oh I was soooo HAPPY TO SEE THEM!!  I just about cried again, and then found only 2 miles left, so I ran, RAN, RAN.....
  Boy that last mile seemed soooo LONG, doesn't it always!!!  I was sooo HAPPY to be done when I got across that finish line.  I was feeling a little dissappointed about my time, and the walking, but I DID IT!!!! I ran a Half-Marathon!  I never thought I would do somthing like this!!  And now looking back, I am loving that day!  I regardless of all the doubts and fears, and numbers..... I RAN A HALF MARATHON and no one can take that away from me!!!    final time: 2 hr 28 min

Thanks EVERYONE for all of your support!!!