Friday, October 1, 2010

You Go Girl Race!

I know I have been absent for a little while, I will explain later.  But FIRST............. an update on the BIG race!  I was super excited about this race because, being team Captain, I knew a lot of people on our team.  That was soooo Fun!  I think the best thing about the race was the friends!  There were a lot of out and backs, and when you have friends and teammates spread out throughout the course it makes for a fun time!  I must of passed by each of my friends at least once or twice, and we would cheer for each other, it was so fun!!!
This Picture I love!  It was all of the Girls representing Norpoint Center, where I work, and workout! 
I saw one more for this group as the pic was snapped, she was in another picture!

Pre-race, here is most of our team, Will run for Icecream!! 
 SO much fun to meet up with a big group before the race!!

Team Captain doing her thing! Unfortunately we had some injuries on the team, so I recruited 3 gals to take those spots!  This gal, Amanda, just up and ran a half marathon out of the blue!  Crazy runners!

Tall MOM and I get a quick photo pre-race!

And now for the race, here is the start line, I was shooting for a PR... I did say 2:15, but any PR is great right?  I was still tired from a busy 2 weeks at home, so any improvement was good.  If you consider my 2 weeks of tapering were less than 10 miles of running each week, I was hoping for the best!
All expectation set aside I took off.... feeling pretty darn good those first 6 miles!  Passed the 10 K finish line.  I was feeling pretty great at that point, but it was within the next mile my energy was zapped!  Soooooo TIRED!  SO I looked for the GU station with anticipation.  Ummmm, yeah I don't really like GU, but I failed to make a trip to the store for my fav CLIF Shots, I was desperate, so I took the Chocolate GU the lady handed me.  Oh 20 seconds later sharp PAIN!  SIDE ACHE!  OUCH!  Then a few more minutes and there was a burnin in the boozum~!  GOSH Dang-it!  I looked for some relief at the Porta Potty but no luck!  I did some walking this last half, and ya know what, I didn't care!  When I approached mile 12, I decided to run the rest for sure.  I came to the last hill and started a little walking.  A girl came pass me a said, "Come on you can do it, run the rest."  It was such a gentle gesture and yet it was that push I NEEDED!

Funny thing, the girl in the green right there.... she was the one who came me that little pep talk, I passed her!
I might of also crushed pass about 3-4 other women before the finish line.  Not sure why, but that last .10 of the race it is pretty easy for me to pick up the speed, so I do.
Funny.... After the race Jill presented T a Choc GU for her PR!  My eye's got real big, as though I was super focused on that little GU packet, um NO!
Here is a little post race picture of the team that was hanging out at the time I finished.

SO OVERALL, I Pr'd by 2 minutes!!!
Super happy!
13.1 miles
2 hr 23 min