Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi everybody! I have finally put together a running blog! YAY! It has been somthing I have wanted to do for a while now, and while I went on my first 13.1 mile run yesterday I decided to tell you all I have DONE THE RUN!

A little history people..... I have been married over 8 years now and I have two sweet little girls, m-2 1/2 and g-1 1/2 (yes... only 11 mos apart). I had never been a runner, maybe attempted it a couple of times, but never set running goals and acheived them. I was overly inspired by my friend Jill and her incredible journey with running, that I decided I wanted it too! I might of gained a little bit of weight in my 2 pregnancies,( only like 60lbs....each!) and I needed to make a change for myself. So right at the beginning of 2010, I started to run... more like walk....walk... run...walk...run...walk...run.......runrunrunrunwalkrunrunrunrun... RUN! In month 2 I registered for my very first race, the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Seattle! At this point I was still only maybe running 3 miles at a time. But I was able to now focus on a goal, and less on the weight, which is soooo great because those lbs tend to melt off the bod quicker than you think as the mileage gets up there. Oh and not to mention how great I feel about myself!

Training has gone fairly well thus far! I have had ups and downs the whole way. I haven't taken any huge breaks from running in the past 5 months, and when I do go 3 days without running, boy howdy do I feel the guilt set in. I remember just last week talking to Jill about my running and admiting to her how bad I felt going a whopping 4 days(the max) without running, and how weird that it because I went 30 years without running and never felt an ounce of guilt about it then! Can I just say how lucky I am to have such a close, special friend mentor me in this!?!?! SO LUCKY! Words cannot express all of the great things Jill has done for me! Thank you friend!

SO here it goes the first run I want to share with all of you! In my training I decided that I must do a 13 miler before the race, so mental for me. So you might not of heard about this race, because it was not open to the public, just intended for one special gal....ME!

May 31, 2010
Diana's Memorial Day Half Marathon
13.1 miles
2 hr 25min
I took 1st place!


  1. Way to go! So happy you started your bLOG. Welcome to the bloggy world of the running world. You are going to love it.

  2. CONGRATS!! Awesome time for a training Half. WELCOME to the Bloggy world. If it is OK I will introduce you to my Bloggy Pack on high Five Friday :)

  3. Thanks for your help today JILL! Mel-Thank you for your sweet comment about my time. I am soooo proud of my time, and that I RAN the whole 13.1! Also those goo-shots worked out great!!! And of course I would love some bloggy friends, bring it on!

  4. Hi! Just found you through Jill! Congrats on running the whole 13.1 and on the win ;) I am running on the "Will Run for Ice Cream" team! Can't wait to get to "know" you better through your blog and meet you in Sept!

  5. Found you through Jill too. :) I've only been blogging for a little while now, but this online community is awesome and supportive! You're on my blogroll so I can read your race report in 2 (!) weeks - good luck and have fun!

  6. Way to go with 13.1 on your own. I sure DIDN'T do that before my first half in May. Your time is great too---you are going to Rock Seattle in a few weeks!
    Thanks for organizing "Will Run for Ice Cream". I'm so excited to meet you all in September.

    Kim R. (Albany)