Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sound of Narrows 12K and I think my Garmin Broke!

You read that!  I have decided to get my race day jitters taken care of BEFORE my big race!  I have been thinking about it for a while now, and with just about 2 weeks left, this is my last chance to do it.  Since I have never been in a race before I am really nervous of running with a bunch of people!  I don't want my deep dark issues to come up, if you don't know I hate being passed, it kind of gets me down.  I really don't like running with people if they are running right in front of me, it flat out discourages me.  SO I am planning on this Saturdays race to be my first official race, to help with a little anxiety issue.  I know I can run the whole thing, so I think my goal will be to stick with a 10:30 pace or less.  I think this goal is acheivable, and I don't want to set myself up for anything that will get me down.  I also have never ran this route, which includes a lot of hills, and hills can slow me down.  Do you have any advice on how to overcome the fears that go with running slower than other people?  I am also just praying that I will SLEEP the night before.  This will be interesting and soooo helpful to know what to expect for the BIG race!

On a side note.... I went for a run this evening.  I did a run by my house that I am familiar with, but it includes a hill that I am kind of scared of, "two for one hill."   I thought about that darn hill just about the whole time, doesn't help!  I kept trying to think of other things that would distract me, but I wasn't full of energy and felt a little over worked on this run.  By the time I got to the hill I tried to slow down a little bit, and then my good friend and neighbor drove by!  That kind of helped distract me for a minute, and then before I knew it the first hill was done.  "Two for one hill" is 2 hills with a little flat stretch in between, and it is just about 1 mile in total length!  I named it "two for one hill" because if you can get up the first hill, then the second one just comes as a bonus, it is a little bit easier.  SO of course the second hill was pretty easy and I re-gained speed for the home stretch.  I got back, looked at my Garmin and am not sure what happened but I think it is BROKEN!  I can't believe the numbers I am seeing!  IT SAYS I RAN A 9:35 PACE!  BUT I RAN UP THAT BIG HILL!?!?!??!  So never the less I am sure somthing is wrong but I will say, I feel like a superstar right now, so I am not going to do anything about my garmin.  If it is broken, then I will just enjoy the numbers and thinking I really am getting faster! WOOT WOOT!

Stats:  3.5 miles
          33:31 min
          9:35 min pace!!!!

Alright I will let you all know how my test race goes on Saturday!  Please send any advise you have!  I love it!  Thanks to Jill as well for sending me some bloggy friends!  I love having friends!



  1. Best advice? Run the race for YOU! I, too, hate the feeling of being at the back, being passed, etc. but then I realize that there are usually people walking the race too. There's no way you'll be behind them...

    Another thing that pushed me (especially at the end) was to pick off other runners. I'd seriously hunt them down. Kind of like, "see that girl in the pink shirt? I can beat her up the hill. She looks like she's in pain" or "this lady that I've been pacing? NO WAY is she going to beat me". It's kind of mean, but they don't know you're thinking it! It doesn't matter if their overall time is better, but it gives you a little motivation.

    It's all a mind game with yourself - be honest about your pacing and don't beat yourself up if you don't have a perfect time. This is a practice race. It's not the big one yet so even if you have lots of jitters/doubts/etc. know that it's totally normal. And remember to go to the bathroom! It's always worth the wait in line at the beginning if you don't have to stop during your race. :)

  2. Your GArmin is not broken! ;)

    Now, about the race. Just remember why you are there. I hate getting passed too but the truth is I am not going to WIN any races. I will never be first. There will always be people ahead and behind you/me. My last 12K was in December. It was my worst race to date. I was pretty sick at the time and sidelined for 2 months after, but still I tried. Finally I realized that it was good enough to be there, to be participating. I did my best and got passed by almost EVERYONE. Oh what? Who cares? This race will be my redemption.

    Either way just know that there are 16 year olds out there running a 6:13 pace and 30 year olds who are also running a 6:15 pace...but you will pass an 80 year old running an 11 min pace and feel guilty. Why? Because it is not about passing and winning (at least for me). it is about running for the love of running, being a part of a community!

    I will say though that those who run past or dog you the entire way are SO SUPER ANNOYING! But you just deal with it. I had a girl dogging me once (staying right beside me, a lttle bit behind). I was so unbelievably annoyed that after a mile or two I slowed so much that I was practically walking. Finally she passed me and I picked my pace back up. I passed her in the end and that felt good.

    You will do good, great! Just go out there and run for fun, for training and for the heck of it!!

    PS thanks for stopping by my blog!!