Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sharing the road.........

  I had a run planned for Saturday morning, but my sweet little angel had a fever and we couldn't leave the house for obvious reasons.  I was bummed because I didn't get much running in this week.  So I called my mom later that afternoon and asked her if she would watch the girls if I came to Olympia to visit.  So NICE to have a mom to help out in the pinch.  I didn't really know exactly where to run, I did spend the first 18 years of my life in Olympia/ Lacey, but I was not a runner then.  SO I drove to the Safeway and parked my car.  It was raining and the roads were busy, so I just wanted to stay safe.  I felt really good as I warmed up, actually I think my first mile was at 9 min pace!  At mile 2.5 I took a shot block out of my water bottle pouch, I shared that pocket with my car key, and oh my goodness so glad I checked for my key!  It WASN'T THERE!  I quickly turned around with my eyes glued to the ground, found my key laying there alone about 50 feet behind me!  PHEW!  That was close..... SO I was feeling great and decided to get off the main road, I kinda knew where I was, but didn't know how much room was on the side of the road.  =)
When I decided I had to turn onto another road, I noticed there was NO ROOM on the side of the road.  I have never really liked running when there is NO Shoulder to run on, who does?  So I decided I would bail into the ditch if I had to, but to avoid that happening I would wave and smile really big every time someone drove by.  For the most part it was great, I must say I overcame some fears that the cars would just drive over me.  Some people really do share the road.

When I got to a sidewalk after about 3 miles of sharing the road with the cars, I saw a trail.... I almost turned onto it.... thought it looked like a nice trail to run on.  But then the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin popped in my head and I heard " danger danger danger!"  I remembered that I was alone and decided I would save the trail for a day I had a running partner.  Next up some cows.... I was running past a cow pasture, with about 6 cows in it.  For fun, and entertainment I started "mooing" at them, I wondered if I could get them to moo back.  OK maybe I was lonely, but I did get the cows to look at me, I thought, I wonder if they know I have been running for 6 miles now?  Do they even CARE?  Shortly there after I found another main road that I knew would take me back to my car.  I really tried to pick up my speed, I felt like I was sprinting, but every time I looked at my watch it said over 10 min pace.  Oh well, in the end I did great!  SUB 10 min pace overall!  Felt great to get out there and get it DONE!!!  Thank YOU MOM!! 

7 miles done
1 hour 9 min 45 sec!
Just shy of a 10 min pace!!

On a side note.... Here are my two babes!  They both have birthdays coming up!
GK turns 2 on Sept 8!
MJ turns 3 on Oct 2!
Yes they will be 2 at the same time for almost 1 month!
So some big plans are in the works for a fun birthday party to celebrate BOTH girls at the same time!!!


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower :) Whew... so lucky you found your key! That's one of my running fears (that, and getting run over, or falling and breaking something!). I love the sign on the door!!!

  2. I gave you an award :)