Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Group Run.... Gone SOLO!

Well..... As the team Captain of the Will Run For Ice Cream Team, for the You GO GIRL Race in Sept. I have been trying to get everyone together for some training runs.  I am not the most organized computerized person, as you might have noticed, I rarely do post, because #1 I can't figure out how to post my pictures.  #2 I have a 1 and a 2 year old. #3 I am too TIRED. #4 I start to write something but my brain won't work. #5 I need to spend time with my husband and not the computer.  I think you get the idea.  But I have been emailing some training runs to my team..... and this past Saturday.... NO ONE SHOWED UP! =(  I had to change the location for my run due to the saftey issues of running alone, so I headed to the Tacoma Waterfront at Ruston.  I wasn't prepared to run alone that morning...... so when I pulled up I noticed a group of 15-20 people with matching shirts on.  I thought to myself, Friends!!! People to RUN WITH!!!!  SO I watched as they were in a tight huddle together.  As I got closer, I notice their shirts had their family name, and it said 2010 5k run/walk.  I yelled out to them...  "I missed the registration for this race!!" and started to follow as they began their family run.  I was feeling pretty good as I started to pick off the family members.  I would cheer for them as I ran by, saying "Your doing Great! Keep It UP!  Good JOB!"  I am not sure if they enjoyed my company, but they got it!!!  And at the end I told them that they inspired me to get my family out there and do the same thing!  SO here is my challenge in the next year to plan a family reunion/ fun run/walk!  I think it is great to share the things you love with others, but most important those you love, FAMILY!!!!!

  Training has been going good so far.... I have got back into my running,  4 days a week, added 2 days of bootcamp, and one day of spinning.  I hope I can start adding one day of weights to the mix, before it is too late!  I did 5 miles today followed by bootcamp and it was TOUGH!!!! I just hate running in the heat!!!  This Saturday we are supposed to be doing 10 mile training run on the Orting Trail!  I sure hope I can pull a 10 miler. IS it safe to run 10 miles?  June 26th I ran 13.1, and since then I had my longest run at 6.77 miles on July 17th.  So will I be ok?????  Please let me know your thoughts, I have been running mostly 3-4 miles at a time. 

  Good Luck to all of you on your runs this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'll be there on Saturday! I don't know where the Orting Trail is, but Kim B. will help me get there. So looking forward to meeting you.

    Good job on getting back into your workout routine. And yes, you can do 10 with us! No excuses!


  2. Hi Diana! Very cool on getting excited, making the best of a situation & joining another group. Very brave & you made it fun! Yes it's safe & you CAN run 10 miles. And it's ok to take walk breaks. I had coaches for my first half & they "made" us take walk breaks. It helps you have gas in the tank at the end :)