Friday, October 1, 2010

You Go Girl Race!

I know I have been absent for a little while, I will explain later.  But FIRST............. an update on the BIG race!  I was super excited about this race because, being team Captain, I knew a lot of people on our team.  That was soooo Fun!  I think the best thing about the race was the friends!  There were a lot of out and backs, and when you have friends and teammates spread out throughout the course it makes for a fun time!  I must of passed by each of my friends at least once or twice, and we would cheer for each other, it was so fun!!!
This Picture I love!  It was all of the Girls representing Norpoint Center, where I work, and workout! 
I saw one more for this group as the pic was snapped, she was in another picture!

Pre-race, here is most of our team, Will run for Icecream!! 
 SO much fun to meet up with a big group before the race!!

Team Captain doing her thing! Unfortunately we had some injuries on the team, so I recruited 3 gals to take those spots!  This gal, Amanda, just up and ran a half marathon out of the blue!  Crazy runners!

Tall MOM and I get a quick photo pre-race!

And now for the race, here is the start line, I was shooting for a PR... I did say 2:15, but any PR is great right?  I was still tired from a busy 2 weeks at home, so any improvement was good.  If you consider my 2 weeks of tapering were less than 10 miles of running each week, I was hoping for the best!
All expectation set aside I took off.... feeling pretty darn good those first 6 miles!  Passed the 10 K finish line.  I was feeling pretty great at that point, but it was within the next mile my energy was zapped!  Soooooo TIRED!  SO I looked for the GU station with anticipation.  Ummmm, yeah I don't really like GU, but I failed to make a trip to the store for my fav CLIF Shots, I was desperate, so I took the Chocolate GU the lady handed me.  Oh 20 seconds later sharp PAIN!  SIDE ACHE!  OUCH!  Then a few more minutes and there was a burnin in the boozum~!  GOSH Dang-it!  I looked for some relief at the Porta Potty but no luck!  I did some walking this last half, and ya know what, I didn't care!  When I approached mile 12, I decided to run the rest for sure.  I came to the last hill and started a little walking.  A girl came pass me a said, "Come on you can do it, run the rest."  It was such a gentle gesture and yet it was that push I NEEDED!

Funny thing, the girl in the green right there.... she was the one who came me that little pep talk, I passed her!
I might of also crushed pass about 3-4 other women before the finish line.  Not sure why, but that last .10 of the race it is pretty easy for me to pick up the speed, so I do.
Funny.... After the race Jill presented T a Choc GU for her PR!  My eye's got real big, as though I was super focused on that little GU packet, um NO!
Here is a little post race picture of the team that was hanging out at the time I finished.

SO OVERALL, I Pr'd by 2 minutes!!!
Super happy!
13.1 miles
2 hr 23 min


  1. Yay on your PR!! Thanks for being captain of the team, it was a blast meeting all of you!

  2. Great to meet you! Thanks for organizing you!

  3. Um...I mean, you rock! And congrats on the PR!

  4. Way to get that PR! You did a great job as our captain (I think you should post a picture of your "captain's jacket"!) Looking forward to running with you again when I get back up north!

  5. looks like your having a great time. Congrats!!!

    "Sport is not about being wrapped up in cotton wool. Sport as about adapting to the unexpected and being able to modify plans at the last minute. Sport, like all life, is about taking risks."
    - Sir Roger Bannister ~smartwool